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Our Most Popular Cabinet Styles

Browse STA Cabinet Depot's selection of our most popular cabinet styles below.

We also offer semi-custom and custom cabinets solutions. Our fully custom cabinets allow you the ability to design your cabinets from start to finish. Let our team help you design cabinets that best fit your space and style.

To see our full Product Offering, please visit our showroom located in St. Augustine.

Midtown Grey Cabinets

Midtown Grey

Uptown White Cabinets

Uptown White

Nova Light Grey Cabinets

Nova Light Grey

Pepper Shaker Cabinets

Grey Stone Shaker

Grey Shaker Cabinets

Pepper Shaker

Ice White Shaker Cabinets

Ice White Shaker

Shaker Antique White Cabinets

Shaker Antique White

Shaker Dove Cabinets

Shaker Dove

Shaker Grey Cabinets

Shaker Grey

Gramercy White Cabinets

Gramercy White

Pacifica Cabinets


Sienna Rope Cabinets

Sienna Rope

Signature Brownstone Cabinets

Signature Brownstone

Signature Pearl Cabinets

Signature Pearl

Espresso Cabinets


Cinnamon Glaze Cabinets

Cinnamon Glaze

Cherry Glaze Cabinets

Cherry Glaze

Cherry Glaze Cabinets

Casselberry Antique White

Espresso Cabinets

Casselberry Saddle

Cinnamon Glaze Cabinets

Shaker Cinder

Cherry Glaze Cabinets

Shaker White

Cherry Glaze Cabinets

Torrance Dove

Cherry Glaze Cabinets

Torrance White

Amber Cabinets


Brae Cabinets


Carver Cabinets


Legacy Cabinets


Mocha Cabinets


Storm Gray Shaker Cabinets

Storm Gray Shaker

White Shaker Cabinets

White Shaker

Woodland Cabinet Style STA Cabinet Depot


Palermo Gloss White

Palermo Gloss White

Riviera Conch Shell

Riviera Conch Shell

Riviera Oyster Shell

Riviera Oyster Shell

Torino Dark Wood

Torino Dark Wood

Torino Grey Wood

Torino Grey Wood

Torino White Pine

Torino White Pine


Wolf Classic Cabinets

Berwyn Opal Cabinets

Berwyn - Opal

Dartmouth White Cabinets

Dartmouth - White

Dartmouth Palmetto Cabinets

Dartmouth - Palmetto

Dartmouth Pewter Cabinets

Dartmouth - Pewter

Hanover Grey Stain Cabinets

Hanover - Grey Stain

Dartmouth Laurel Cabinets

Dartmouth - Laurel

Dartmouth Juniper Cabinets

Dartmouth - Juniper

Dartmouth Bayside Cabinets

Dartmouth - Bayside

Dartmouth Seabreeze Cabinets

Dartmouth - Seabreeze

Dartmouth Stonybrook Cabinets

Dartmouth - Stonybrook

Dartmouth Brownstone Cabinets

Dartmouth - Brownstone

Dartmouth Sable Cabinets

Dartmouth - Sable

Dartmouth Honey Cabinets

Dartmouth - Honey

Saginaw Chestnut Cabinets

Saginaw - Chestnut

Hanover Midnight Cabinets

Hanover - Midnight

Jarlin Cabinetry

Aria Blue Cabinets

Aria - Blue

Avalon Cabinets

Avalon - White

Dove - White Shaker Cabinets

Dove - White Shaker

Ebony Shaker Cabinets

Ebony - Shaker

Perla Cabinets


Soda Cabinets


Sterling Cabinets



FGT Cabinetry

Venus - Truffle  Cabinets

Venus - Truffle

Venus - Ivory Cabinets

Venus - Ivory

Mercury - Gray Cabinets

Mercury - Gray

Mercury - Espresso Cabinets

Mercury - Espresso

Mercury - Cherry Cabinets

Mercury - Cherry

Jupiter - Slate Cabinets

Jupiter - Slate

Athena - Desert Cabinets

Athena - Desert

Athena - Cream Cabinets

Athena - Cream


STA Cabinet Depot also offers Semi Custom Cabinet Offerings from Designers Choice Cabinetry and Wolf Designer Cabinetry. Contact Us Today For More Information.

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